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Dracaena Fragans 50cm

Dracaenas plants are perennial and are used in gardening for the characteristics of their leaves. They are sensitive to frost, you must keep them in temperatures of at least 13-18 degrees. They require sun exposure or partial shade and well-drained soil always. For a natural dracaena plant that is in a pot, it should be watered in moderation, especially when the temperatures are low. The dracaena fragrans that you see in the photograph are characterized by being an indoor plant that reaches 2m in height or more and its leaves can reach up to 45 cm in length. Sometimes this plant can produce flowers, but when they are mature. In short, this plant is one of the most recommended to fill any corner of your house, it is widely used as a decorative plant and together with a decorative pot it is fantastic.

Mijas / Mijas Costa flowers  -  Dracaena Fragans 50cm Flower Bouquet/Arrangement Product Code: flor-1865
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